Must try Eggless Vegan Cakes to Brighten up your Quarantine Days!

A small piece of cake tends to hold the power to make everything right. Won’t you agree? There is nothing as heavenly as biting into a delicate light moist cake with a soft and tender crumb. If you are having a bad day, then you know what can instantly cheer you up- light, moist, and delicate eggless vegan cakes of course! And if you are into baking then you must be aware of the joy that these sinful delights tend to bring in! Baking, a great stress buster during quarantine, is all about picking your favorite ingredient, mixing distinct flavors, melting and beating vegan butter cream frosting, whisking a smooth batter, and of course, watching it rise and turn golden brown. And then, of course, dressing it up and bringing it all together with the beautiful icing (ah, heavenly!) As suggested by Mr. Naan, and Mrs. Idly (MNMI) who tends to serve the best eggless vegan cakes, eggless cakes can be tricky at times, but they do not have to be overcomplicated or fussy and yet a treat to your taste buds (you can thank me later.

We bring you some of the must-try eggless vegan cakes to brighten up your quarantine days.

Chocolate Cake

Can you believe that our all-time favorite rich, fudgy chocolate cake topped with a sumptuous frosting can actually be made vegan?! It’s hard to believe but it absolutely true.The secret ingredient is a ripe avocado that keeps the sponge moist and light and makes the topping extra smooth (mouth-watering indeed.A Deliciously chocolaty treat for your loved one this quarantine!

Atta Cake

A much healthier alternative than your regular cake that would not make you fret about the calories (all the health freaks out there, are you listing?The added aroma of cinnamon and the extra crunch of all the dry fruits and the nuts make this Eggless Atta Cake extra special! A light, delicious, soft, and fluffy eggless vegan cake is the perfect light dinner post-dinner or as an evening tea-time snack with your loved ones this Quarantine!

Victoria Sponge Cake

Your tea time is incomplete without a slice of classic Victoria Sponge Cake. This deliciously delicate crème-filled cake with butter cream and strawberry jam is a sure treat to your taste buds. If you need a bake for a coffee morning, bake sale, or afternoon tea, look no further as suggested by MNMI who tends to serve the best eggless vegan cakes.

Lemon Cake

Nothing says “summer” quite like a slice of delicious, light and zesty lemon cake this quarantine. You will be surprised to know that how a handful of store cupboard ingredients can turn into a tasty loaf cake with zingy icing and folks, the best part are that you can also freeze it for later if you're keen to prep in advance! We guarantee slices will be gobbled up in no time, so prepare in bulk.

Carrot Cake

The Eggless Vegan Carrot Cake can be considered as the zenith for free-from baking. The following easy to bake sandwich cake has a layer of smooth coconut and cashew icing and plenty of cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg (a well-spiced masterpiece indeed.In addition, you can also decorate the cake with edible flowers and impress your loved ones with your outstanding baking skills this quarantine as suggested by MNMI who tends to serve the best eggless vegan cakes.

Marble Cake

Dear readers, make way for the all-time classic tea time snack - The Eggless Marble Cake! Who does not love that beautiful and delicious vanilla and chocolate streaks.The good old marble cake made eggless with the help of “almond milk” and vinegar is a treat to your taste buds. The moist, fluffy, tasty blend of chocolate and vanilla flavors will make you forget your diet plans (sorry all the health-conscious people, out there, but your diet is out of the window now!)

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