Fall In Love With the Indian Lunch Buffet In MR NAAN & MRS IDLY

Namaste! What do you believe about Indian cuisine? Hot, spicy, creamy, heavy, solid, not suitable for your health? You may also consider a preference of delightful, exciting, diverse, exotic tastes. Whatever picture you instantly get when someone suggests Indian cuisine, one thing that is unlikely to converge your mind is that natural spices used in Indian food are especially essential for your wellness. The vegan society's interpretation of veganism is a style of living that solicits to exclude all forms of exploitation and indifference to animals for food, clothing or any other purpose as far as reasonable and practicable. If you are a vegetarian and want to try varying cuisine then I’m sure you’ll fall in love with our Indian lunch buffet in KL. MR NAAN and MRS IDLY, just like its name implies is an amalgamation of the North Indian (Naan) and South Indian (Idly) cuisines (pure veg) from India in Kuala Lumpur. You don’t necessitate to think twice to visit us for the most excellent lunch buffet. The purpose not just of offering vegetarian cuisine in Kuala Lumpur but also of reinventing the entire vegetarianism concept. It was born from the basis that all the people who were vegetarians from birth desired to show the world that vegetarians were also able to luxuriate.

What makes Indian food so special?

Indian recipes are based on ingredients whose flavorings are not overlapping, for a freakish taste that amazes anyone who first tries it. You can get the taste of various spices in Indian cuisine that you will surprisingly fall in love with it. Many people who try Indian food never look backward, and the cause for this is simple to understand. It is tempting because of an individual flavoring method. Indian cuisine leaves nothing to be fancied when it comes to vegetarian-friendly cuisine. Let's take a minute to understand first how Indian cuisine serves magically with flavors. The flavor is a tangible consequence of the brain when our synthetic sensors combine with substances. We all know that India is a nation with various religions, several cultures, and various traditions. For this reason, in Indian food also, you can find an extensive quality of cuisines. You can experience the diverse flavor of foods in Indian cuisine. So, now if you want to enjoy Indian recipes you don’t require to visit India. You can relish the quality of sweet and salty recipes that make you crazy because of their delightful taste.

Mr. Naan & Mrs. Idly, exclusive Indian lunch buffet in KL you can enjoy

MNMI (Mr. Naan and Mrs. Idly) restaurant is one of the best vegetarian Indian and fusion restaurants in Kuala Lumpur (KL), in the center of Bangsar. You can find the varieties of vegetarian dishes here from all over Indian dishes, from North Indian to Indian Street Food, from Malaysian to Indo-Chinese and Western food splatters. You can enjoy our exclusive lunch buffet. Here is a list of special lunch buffet menu in our restaurant. Rawa Dosa: A great buffet dish for lunch. Rawa dosa is a simple and crunchy dose of semolina, rice flour, and all-purpose meal. Recipe for Rawa dosa does not require fermentation or lentil grinding. Rawa dosa is one of South Indian's most famous dishes. It is a fabulous dish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Rawa dosa is a fabulous vegetarian course, so you can enjoy Malaysia's popular South Indian taste here.

Dal Makhani:

The non-vegetarians across the nation can't thank the inventor of the Butter Chicken enough, for presenting upon humanity the ever-so luscious and sumptuous happiness. In comparison, the vegetarians experience comparable sentiments about Dal Makhani. The discovery of Dal Makhni is similarly linked with the discovery of Butter Chicken. Eat this Punjabi dish at our restaurant in your lunch.

Jain Pau Bhaji:

Pau Bhaji has its sources in the civil war of America in the 1860s. To resolve the food problem for the warriors, street vendors commenced to accumulate unwanted bread from the Jesuit priests and add all the vegetables, combine them collectively and serve them with the bread and butter. Thus Pau (bread) Bhaji (vegetables) was invented. Jain Pau Bhaji, is no onion, no garlic exception of the usual pau bhaji prepared from raw bananas preferably than potatoes and mashed peas. In Gujarat and parts of Maharashtra, this is very popular. You should definitely taste this course.


Gobi Paratha Set:

Punjabi Cuisine is one of the most distinct and traditional Indian cuisines and comes from the region of Punjab established partially in India and Pakistan. Gobi Paratha is a flatbread favored by North Indians. This paratha is stuffed with cauliflower (Gobi) flavor, and spices. In the Punjab Gobi or cauliflower is rising majestically. This veggie is appreciated by individuals and at most parties and family get-togethers, it is a specialty. In our restaurant, you can experience this Indian course at the lunch buffet in KL.


MNMI (Mr. Naan and Mrs. Idly) is one of the famous Indian vegetarian restaurants in KL, Malaysia where we provide you with healthy and delicious vegetarian foods. You can undergo popular Indian cuisine as well as Chinese cuisine. To know further regarding us, please visit our official website.