Indian Chaats during Quarantine by the best North Indian restaurants KL

With countries going under lockdown because of the novel coronavirus and with work-from-home policies in place, and schools and universities shut, isolation and loneliness are of utmost concern. For many people, cooking can be like therapy that soothe jangled nerves, heal broken hearts and cure boredom, insomnia, and anxiety. Cooking is a great destresser because it serves as a creative outlet. Cooking can be considered as a sensory experience with aroma, taste, touch, visual delight and even sizzling sound coming into play (got your back!)

Indian chaat food is said to hold significant importance in Indian cuisine. Be it a wedding or any other social gathering, Indian chaat is loved by both the children and the senior citizens.

The origin of the word chaat is mainly in connection with the taste and sensation of chatpatta that comes with the dish. Chaatpatta can be best described as the salty, sweet and tangy flavor that is present in most savory snacks like the Indian chaat food(am I right girls?)

The origin of the word chaat may also be derived from the word chatna which means to lick as the flavor of the lip-smacking and mouth-watering dish tends to hit the sides of the tongue while relishing on the soggy crispness of the papdi in addition to some of the other fried bread and pastries (mouth-watering indeed!)

In the following article, some of the famous Indian chaat food served at the best vegetarian North Indian restaurants KL (Kuala Lumpur) Malaysia, Mr. Naan, and Mrs. Idly(MNMI) that we have we've all grown up to adore is mentioned that you can prepare at your home during quarantine to brighten up your day(we got you covered!) So read on-

Aloo Tikki Chaat

You are assured that you have done something right when the whole family or loved ones is coming on unison from something as simple as Aloo Tikki Chaat!

Aloo Tikki chat is said to be a lip-smacking Indian chaat that is being made from mashed potatoes and is generously mixed with sweet and sour curd which is also known as Dahi in India. In addition, sweet or sour tamarind or Imli chutney and sprinkled with a generous amount of sev makes it an irresistible drool-worthy combination from North India! .


Behel puri is an Indian chat that is closely associated with the beaches of Bombay. The local people there tend to love munching upon the mouth-watering Indian chaat while walking on the beach. The bhelpuri chaat consists of puffed rice, sev with a dash of chopped onions, mashed potato, papdis and is dipped in sweet or sour tamarind or Imli chutney for the ultimate tangy twist. The sogginess, the sweetness and the crispness of the Indian chaat make enjoying quality time with loved one .

Samosa Chaat

Samosa chaat is said to be a modern twist to the traditional samosa which is very popular in India and is present in almost all social gatherings.Samosas are smashed flat and sweet or sour tamarind or Imli chutney or mint chutney, chili masala and a generous amount of sweet and sour curd which is also known as Dahi in India is added to the mouth-watering delicacy.

The following contemporary samosa chaat finds it’s origin mostly in cosmopolitan Indian cities.

Dahi Puri

Dahi Puri said to be a creative version of the traditional panipuri or the Gol Gappa. The original panipuri shells or the round, hollow deep-fried puri are said to be filled with a healthy dose of potato, onion or chickpeas, sweet or sour tamarind or Imli chutney, chili masala. In addition to a generous amount of sweet and sour curd which is also known as Dahi in India sprinkled with sev (deadly combination indeed!) This dish stands the testament to Mumbai`s creativity with versatile food such as panipuri or the Gol Gappa that you can enjoy with your loved one during Quarantine!

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