What to eat at vegan friendly restaurants in KL brickfields

Vegans avoid animal foods and it’s not only meat and fish, but even butter and ghee from animals are also a complete no-no for vegans. That’s the reason why it might be difficult to feed your vegans friends outside the home. Well, not anymore as there are plenty of Vegan friendly restaurants KL brickfields offering the most delicious vegan meals that fellow vegans will simply love. Eating out should no longer be an issue, if you know which the right place to hop in!

So, the next time you are looking for vegetarian vegan food in brickfields, you need to have an idea of the dishes that are purely vegan. Vegetarian foods are common, but vegan food is hard to find considering that their butter, ghee and everything needs to be sourced from plants. Anything coming from the animal kingdom is a strict no-no.

Here are a few vegan foods that are healthy and yummy.

Tandoori Cauliflower Sabzi

This vegan dish is the perfect food for your taste bud and it’s healthy too. The meal is a purely Indian meal and purely vegan too, as no animal products go in to cook this delicious meal. Cauliflower, kofta spices, chilli powder, coconut oil, salt, tomato and onion curry and that’s it. A healthy option along with the spicy taste makes this dish a delight to the senses. This dish might be a bit difficult to cook at home, if you are not a master chef. That’s the reason why you might find people rushing to Vegan friendly restaurants KL brickfields.

Healthy, less in calories and filling, this meal is an ideal choice to satiate your hunger without cheating on your diet.

WTF Chef’s Choice Pasta

For all the pasta lovers out there, the Pasta can be a great vegan dish to keep you full and satisfied for long. The WTF chef has come up with a new recipe of Pasta that’s vegan and delightful to taste. The dish has avocadoes, black beans and lime – which makes it super healthy and super tasty. People love pasta and the best thing about this vegan recipe is that it’s a healthy version of pasta. The sun-dried tomatoes, Italian dressings, olives and artichokes are yummy enough to be served anywhere and everywhere. Only top Vegan friendly restaurants KL brickfields serve such delicious vegan meals.

So, if you want to feed your friends and family something light, healthy yet yummy, then this dish is an ideal fit.

Beetroot Spinach Cutlets

Vegans are going to love this and even the non-vegans will today leave behind the chicken cutlets and get drawn to the beetroot spinach cutlets. Yes, they do taste yummy and is simply delicious with a capital ‘D’. Not to say the beetroot and spinach make this vegan dish a healthy option and something that the health-conscious people will simply love. Filled with a rich source of antioxidants and heavenly to taste, the meal will keep you full and your taste buds happy.

Spicy Tofu Salad Wrap

When vegans wish to have something spicy and amazing, then the tofu salad can be an ideal pick. Healthy yet spicy enough to make your taste buds happy, this salad wrap can make you feel satisfied for long. The tofu is full of protein and the salad wrap has veggies which will get you all the antioxidants and lastly, the dash of spice added is to make the foodie in you feel happy. At the end of the day, the vegans need to have a healthy, nutritious, protein-packed powerful meal.

Cheese Pau

Love Pau Bhaji? Then, this cheese Pau can lift up your mood almost instantly. Completely vegan cheese is used to make this dish, so the vegan people can savor every bite of this delicious Pau. If you wish to drop in for a cup of tea and want something sweet and spicy as an add-on, then go for these cheese Pau. Just make sure you check into a vegetarian vegan food in brickfields, so that you are sure that whatever is being served is completely vegan and free from all the animal products that you have banned from your diet. Enjoy a happy meal.

Well, there are plenty of other delicious stuff on the vegan list, but the above mentioned dishes are a must try. And guess what the good news is, there are Vegan friendly restaurants KL brickfields, who offers the best vegan meals. One of the best ones is here, http://www.wtfrestaurants.com.my/mr-naan-mrs-idly. These guys have an innovative and exciting list of dishes for the vegan people. Book a table today and dig into any of the delicacies that are on the menu chart. We bet you are going to come back soon!