6 Special Dosa at Vegetarian Restaurant Near You

Dosa is crispy, salty pancakes which is a staple food in South India. Dosa is also quite popular in the rest of the country, and Udupi restaurants serve them along with other South Indian foods in almost every suburb. The dosa is made from soaked and dried rice, fenugreek seeds and urad dal, also known as kali dal. Blended in a food processor and combined with water, the mixture forms a thin batter that ferments until tasty. The fermentation adds a mild sour taste to the dosa, similar to citrus. Batter is spread on a hot grated and cooked like a crepe until crisp and tasty. Dosa is usually eaten with your hands and can be dipped in curry and chutney. Or stuff with spices stuffed with mashed potatoes and peas. The best vegetarian restaurant near you for Indian food seller in KL is Mr. Naan & Mrs. Idli. Few of most insanely selling Dosa by MNMI are given below.

1.Chilli Cheese Dosa

Chilli Paneer Dosa is a delicious paneer dosa made with readily available ingredients. When children are fussy about the usual dosa and chutney varieties. You can have Chili Paneer Dosa for breakfast in the morning and kids love it.

Calorie: 189 cal

Ingredients: Chilli, grated cheese, cooking butter

2.Pizza Dosa

Pizza Dosa or Dosa Pizza is a simple and quick dosa recipe that comes under the special breakfast of children. This is a super quick recipe if you have dosa batter easily available. This is an easy breakfast recipe for children and you are topped with any vegetable you like. Make this pizza dosa thin or thick. My kids like it like the size of a thick little pan-pizza, so you can make Uthappa smaller ones just for fun. This thick little pizza dosa is easy to handle and handle for children. If you make the dosa too thin, the toppings can fall easily and can also be difficult to cut and handle.

Calorie: 154 cal

Ingredients: The Dosa Batter, Pizza Sauce, Pizza Topping, as required Pizza seasoning /Mixed Herbs/Oregano, Pizza Cheese.

3.Paneer Bhurji Dosa

It is heated in a pan with oil, black mustard seeds, curry leaves, and some vegetables. It is made on a medium hot, non-stick pan or well-seasoned dosa grill to thin it to a point as a pan cake where it holds its round shape. As soon as the color starts filling from the bottom, some oil is sprinkled on it and some prepared paneer bhurji is put on it. Fold in half moon shape and serve hot with sambar and chutney.

Calories: 200.6 calories

Ingredients: Dosa batter, Paneer, seasoning, etc.

4.Pav Bhaji Dosa

It is basically a fusion of the popular South Indian Dosa recipe with the famous Mumbai Street Food Pav Bhaji recipe. During recent years, Pav Bhaji Dosa has emerged as a particularly popular street food in large metros of India. It is prepared in the same way as the authentic masala dosa recipe, or in other words it is an expanded version with additional vegetables, sauces and spices.

Calories: 400 cal

Ingredients: dosa batter, Vegies, Tomato sauce, coconut chutney, pav bhaji masala powder

5.Beetroot Dosa

Beetroot is a very healthy vegetable that is reduced. Many people do not know its nutritional benefits. It has a very distinctive taste, but all of its nutritional value definitely surpasses everything else. This beet dosa is a very simple recipe for a dosa and a healthy version of normal dosa.

Calories: 150 calories

Ingredients: Dosa batter, beetroot, seasoning

6.Paneer Butter Masala Dosa

it is easy to make as well. It is so delicious that it would be a huge hit among your family members, especially among kids. The dosa itself is perfectly crispy on the outside and with a delicious, juicy paneer filling. Along with a side of a simple chutney, this makes the perfect breakfast or dinner.

Calories: 200 cal

Ingredients: Dosa batter, Paneer, seasoning, etc.

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