WTF Restaurant, Bangsar

WTF Restaurant, Bangsar

My family observes a healthy diet at home, with vegetables as the focus instead of meat. While I eat fatty food outside, I always look forward to a fat-free, no MSG meal. One of the few vegetarian restaurants I tried that echoes no preservatives and no MSG is WTF Restaurant, located along Lorong Maarof in Bangsar.

WTF stands for “What Tasty Food” and the restaurant serves mostly Indian cuisine with a few Indo-Chinese and Western dishes. I started with the hot and sour soup (RM8) a tasty rendition of Szechuan soup.

Dahi Puri is a puff bread shell filled with potatoes and topped with yogurt and sauces. This was my favorite appetizer that night. It was a sweet-savory and spicy combination that worked well.

Less exciting was the Chinese Bhel (RM14), said to be a WTF special. This dish of crispy wheat noodles and vegetables was spicy and savory with a good bite from the sweet corn and fried fritters.

If you enjoy wraps, give the Tandoori Paneer Wrap (RM14) a try. This is full of calcium and vitamins – super healthy. The Mirchi Pakora (RM7) comprises stuffed chillies dipped into batter and deep fried till crunchy perfection. This is then topped with sweet and spicy sauces and yogurt. Tasty stuff.

Tava Masala (RM25) is a popular item at WTF Restaurant. This is a sizzler of marinated tandoori potatoes, vegetable Takata and jeera rice topped with rich gravy and thick potato cutlet. For a vegetarian dish, this was really delicious. I especially loved the rice with gravy. The portion is huge and small eaters will need to share this.

Those who want something different, give the Burritos with Mexican Rice and Salad (RM25) a try. I’m glad I did, because this was richly satisfying.

To go with my meal, I had a bru coffee and later on, the Kesar Shikanji (saffron laced lemonade). The latter (RM9) was very refreshing. rif’s Mango Lassi (RM9) was by far the thickest mango lassi I’ve tried. This was a tad sweet for my liking, but he enjoyed it.

For desserts, we had a simple selection of plain, saffron, dates and cashew nut barfi (sugar-free), malai sandwich, and homemade cheese with syrup. The homemade cheese was very interesting, but I strongly suggest that you squeeze out the excess syrup from the cheese